Whole House Air Purifiers: Are They any Good?

How To Get Clean Air Throughout Your Home

With the world’s natural resources being depleted at an alarming rate it follows that the energy products derived from these natural resources are becoming ever more expensive to us, the consumer. To minimize this effect the modern trend is to make our homes well insulated and sealed against drafts.

whole house air purifier

Smaller than a shoe box and will completely clean the air in your entire home.

Whilst this good for energy efficiency and keeping heating costs low-ish, the down side to a well insulated home is the likelihood of insidious air pollutants and allergens becoming trapped inside your home. What this means is pollutants, allergens, pet hair and dander, can build up in your home, leading to problems with breathing, headaches, and nausea. This may eventually culminate in regular respiratory infections.

For many people the realization that the air they breathe at home is lacking in quality comes to them very slowly. But when the penny finally drops, they wonder just what should they do about it. Many simply move home and leave the problem behind. However, if the problem is caused by your pets who you love dearly, or you love your home and don’t want to move, you’ll probably start searching for another solution. It won’t be long before air filters, cleaners and purifiers come onto your radar.

Now’s about the time you’d perhaps visit a local retailer or department store. Many of these establishments only carry limited stock, which means they only have smaller cleaners designed to purify the air in just a single room, or two at the most. For those who are smokers, or have pets, or don’t want to move home the solution will come down to “Do we install an air purifier system that cleans the whole house, or something smaller that cleans only a room or two?”.

Smaller solutions cost less and are usually easier to install. However having said that, a whole house air purifier system is readily available and can cost less that you might think, especially considering the enhanced benefits you will enjoy, such as:

Whole house air cleaners clean the polluted air in your home. The “cleaned air” gives you a significant lowering of the pollutants and allergens inside your home, thereby reducing your indoor air pollution counts to a much healthier level.

– If you already have an HVAC system, then a whole-house air purifer system can be built directly into it. There are also stand-alone systems that can be easily incorporated into your home. If you’re unsure how to proceed at this point, consider speaking with an HVAC specialist.

Visit your local home improvement store

If you have decided a whole-house air purifier is the way you want to go, you can get a lot of help and advice from your local home improvement store before starting such a project. Improving the quality of the air inside your home, especially the whole house, falls into the category of a home improvement project. This explains why many home improvement stores stock examples of air purifiers suitable for the whole house.

Of course you’re not limited to only shopping at a local home improvement store or specialist retailer, you can always find a raft of relevant information online. Not only will you find the best prices but also feedback from previous buyers of the same system you’re considering buying. Feedback will be invaluable because it will include honest appraisals, including any major pros and cons of the system. With online shopping, you can compare prices and look for bargains, in a matter of minutes.

When shopping online, you should research the websites of home improvement stores and air purifier manufacturers. If you still haven’t found the air purifier system you want, it’s also worth checking out the websites of general home stores and even traditional department stores.