Pep Up Your Latte Coffees With Flavored Syrups

There’s A Treat In Store For Lovers of Latte Coffee

mint latte graphic

Delicious layered mint latte decorated with fresh mint leaves.

With the growth of coffee house culture across the United States, and continuous technical enhancements in coffee makers for home use, an explosion in the range of different types of “Italian” coffee has evolved. Whereas previously you were limited to regular or decaffeinated coffee from a basic coffee machine, you can now choose from an ever-growing range of styles and flavors, with their weird and wonderful names, including: macchiato, marocchino, frappaccino, mocha latte, or Shakerato from your local coffee house; this list continues to grow.

Why use flavored syrups

One of the major drivers in the increasingly large number of varieties available is the use of flavored syrups. Syrups are available in a number of varieties from the basic vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, Irish cream, toffee, gingerbread and hazelnut, to a number of fruity alternatives. Although it may seem that these flavored syrups only arrived with the advent of coffee shop franchises, such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and so on, they were actually offered by high-end specialty coffee shops many years prior.

With its mild, milky flavors, skinny latte coffee blends well in harmonizing (balancing) the respective strengths of the espresso / syrup ingredients. Have you had, or even heard of, a raspberry nutmeg latte? Now this might sound like a kind of dessert that would play havoc with your diet but in this case it isn’t so. This can actually be a reasonably low-fat way to enjoy these delightful flavors in a delicious drink.

What makes a good syrup?

Not all syrups can be used for a latte coffee because they’re not all created to the same quality. The most suitable flavors of syrup are made using high-quality, natural ingredients. Strawberries, blueberries, and other berries are traditional syrup favorites, but many fruits can be used for syrup-making. They are made by taking the base ingredient, spices and nuts are also suitable, and heating them vigorously with water and granulated sugar to make a concentrated syrup. Made properly, these syrups contain only the fat or cholesterol found naturally in the base ingredient, and so are not going to adversely affect your diet.

With the emphasis on low-carb and sugar free diets, suppliers have introduced sugar-free syrups to mix with your skinny latte. By using sugar free sweeteners, many of the old favorite flavors will still be available in sugar free, with no reduction in the taste. To the list of old favorites (given above) you can add amaretto, chocolate and raspberry as being also available without the extra sugar.

Not all syrups are suitable

If you already enjoy syrup-flavored lattes, check the bottle of syrup at your local coffee house to be sure that the flavor you choose contains only natural and high quality ingredients. So with the varieties available and the numerous sugar free options, with a little effort you can have fun experimenting with a different flavored latte every day of the week and beyond.

OK, we know there are purists who like their coffee straight up without any additions. But for those adventurous types who like to experiment with flavorsome ingredients that result in intriguing nuances of taste to their espresso-based beverages, we think a shot of flavored syrup could be just what their skinny latte calls needs.